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  • Scotland independent after all? Yes, virtually!

    Just like other regions who seek independence but are not able cut the cords with the central government, Scotland can get a symbolic independence with its .scot gTLD. Something the government, businesses and citizens in Flanders and Brussels soon can do too...

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  • Hurry up for your new .immo, .new or .pizza!

    Of all the new gTLDs that have been delegated in recent weeks, it is .immo which looks the most promising. But some other, short extensions are also attractive. Make your choice!

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  • The .xyz TLD: how neutrality can be a strong brand

    One of the most popular new Top Level Domains is .xyz. What the power of this domain extension is, was explained to us by Daniel Negari, CEO and founder of

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  • * The .BE price is a promotional price. Starting from the following renewal, you will be charged 41,5 EUR on anual basis.