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Pre-registration for trademark owners

This is a period of minimum 30 days reserved for trademark holders. During this period, it is possible to register a domain name that matches a trademark. To make this possible, pre-registration via the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is required.

Pre-registration for everybody

After the sunrise period, everyone can register a domain name on a “first-come, first-served” basis. On a certain date (called “landrush”), domain registrations are available to everyone. Sometimes, however, certain restrictions apply during this period.

Available for registration

This is the general availability period, which comes after the sunrise and the landrush periods, where the extension is made available for the general public to register, without additional conditions.

Free domain name services

Registering a domain name with free extra services

Mail Forwarding

If someone sends an e-mail to *, this e-mail can be forwarded.

URL forwarding

If someone types, he will be redirected to the URL of your choice.

Name servers

A nameserver sets up the link between your domain name and the IP address of your web hosting server.


You can create an unlimited number of subdomains for your domain name. E.g.:

Domain Manager

User-friendly online tool that enables you to easily manage your domain names.

Automatic locking

Your domain name will be automatically locked when possible. This way, you do not have to worry about anything.

Tips to find the perfect domain name
Registering a good domain name is easy

  • Keep it short
    Long names are more difficult to remember.

  • Say it out loud
    Make sure that it is easy to pronounce.

  • Buy alternative spellings
    Examples: and

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