Basic mailbox: the best standard e-mail solution

With Register's Basic mailbox, you have everything you need to send and receive e-mails in a professional manner.

  • E-mail address based on your domain name
    Maintain the professional image of your company by using an e-mail address based on your own domain name. No more addresses like
  • Synchronised across all your devices
    Thanks to the IMAP protocol, your mailbox is the same everywhere.
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Basic mailbox: a good basic solution offering a lot of possibilities

This way, you have everything you need to send and receive e-mails in a professional manner

Your own e-mail address

Create your own e-mail address with your domain name. Create as many aliases (,, etc.) as you like. This will look much more professional than a free e-mail address, like Hotmail or Gmail!

Your e-mails are always synchronised

If you choose the IMAP protocol, your e-mails will always be synchronised across all your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop...). An e-mail you read on one device is marked as “read” on all others.

Your mailbox is free of viruses and spam

Our robust spam filter and antivirus software keep your mailbox free of unwanted e-mails or intruders. This will help you focus on your important e-mails.

Works with any e-mail client

Our mailboxes work perfectly with all e-mail clients: Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple mail on your laptop, or the e-mail app on your smartphone. You can configure your e-mail very easily.

Your e-mails are always backed up

We back up your e-mails every day. So, if you accidentally delete an important e-mail, you will be able to restore it in no time.

Access your e-mails wherever you are

Do you not have your own device at hand? Receive and send e-mails in a web browser, via our webmail

Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting

E-mail, agenda, contacts and tasks’s Exchange E-mail is based on Microsoft Exchange technology. Via any device, you can access your e-mail, agenda, contacts and tasks. In addition, we offer you a free enterprise antivirus, anti-spam and anti-phishing protection.

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Choosing the right e-mail hosting

What is important? What should you consider?

You send e-mails from your own professional e-mail address

Register your own domain name and create e-mail addresses based on your domain name. Link your mailbox to your own domain name.
After all, will allow you to make a much more professional impression on your customers and other contacts than

You can send and receive e-mails through any device, using your favourite program

Thanks to IMAP technology, your e-mails are always synchronised across all your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Any e-mails you delete on your smartphone are also deleted on your laptop. This way, you can always have a clear overview.
In addition, our mailboxes are fully compatible with e-mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail. Configuring your mail account on your smartphone is also incredibly easy.

Your mailbox remains free of malware and spam

Our antivirus software ensures that malware and viruses cannot reach your mailbox. Unsolicited e-mails immediately end up in the spam folder. This way, your mailbox stays clean and you can fully focus on important e-mails.

Our backups always give you peace of mind

Our daily backup of your e-mails is an extra precaution. This can be useful when you have a problem with your e-mail client, for example. Because your e-mails can be restored immediately.

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