How to configure my Basic mail in Outlook for iOS?

  1. Open the Outlook app.
  2. Type in your Basic mail address and tap on “Add account”.add account
  3. On the top right corner, tap on “Not Exchange”.not exchange
  4. Choose “Change Account Provider”.change account provider
  5. Tap on “IMAP”.add account >> imap
  6. Type in your password. For ‘Display name’ type in your full email address and for “Description”, enter something that you associate this mail account with. Then tap on “Use Advanced Settings”.Fill in and then tap on 'Use Advanced Settings'.
  7. Now type in the following settings:
    • For IMAP Incoming Email Server:
    • For SMTP Outgoing Email Server:

    • Add your SMTP username and password. For the username enter your full email address.

    Add your SMTP username and password

  8. On the next screen you will be given the option to set up another mail account. Tap on “Maybe Later” to finish setting up your current mail account.add another account >> maybe later
  9. Your Basic mail is now ready.


Updated on 7 September 2020

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