What is the Register.eu standard DNS?

In this article you will find the standard DNS settings for your Register.eu services.

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DNS settings are linked to the nameservers

If you make changes to your DNS settings, make sure that the linked name servers are active.

DNS changes take up to 4 hours to become active. The time can even run up to 24 hours if the nameservers are also adjusted.

You need A-records to link your domain name to web hosting or Sitebuilder.

Web hosting

To link your domain name to Register.eu web hosting, set an A record with the IP address of your package .

Follow these steps to find the IP address in the control panel

  1. Go to “My Products”> “Web hosting”> Click on the “Manage hosting” button to the right of your domain name.
  2. The IP address is in the center of the screen in the hosting overview.
    Copy this ip address and enter it as an A-record for your domain name with and without the www before it!
    Is Varnish active on your web hosting? Then you use the Varnish IP address. This is in the same overview.


To link your domain name to a Sitebuilder package, set an A record with the Sitebuilder IP address .

IP address Sitebuilder :

CNAME records allow your e-mail program to automatically configure your Basic or Exchange mailboxes.

Basic mailboxes

autodiscover. $ domain name CNAME autodiscover.mailprotect.be
autoconfig. $ domain name CNAME autoconfig.mailprotect.be

Exchange mailboxes

autodiscover. $ domain name CNAME autodiscoverredirect.powermail.be

The standard MX records for Register.eu are:

mx.mailprotect.be, priority 10
mx.backup.mailprotect.be, priority 50

Use these SRV records to fully configure your Basic Mailbox in Outlook or Thunderbird.

_autodiscover._tcp. jedomeinname.com  SRV 1 1 443 autodiscover-s.mailprotect.be (note: autodiscover-s)
_pop3s._tcp. jedomeinname.com SRV 10 1 995 pop.mailprotect.be
_imaps._tcp. jedomeinname.com  SRV 1 1 993 imap.mailprotect.be
_submission._tcp. jedomeinname.com  SRV 1 1 587 smtp-auth.mailprotect.be

Tips for entering the SRV records correctly:

  • The first part of the record (“_autodiscover”, “_pop3s”, …) is the service
  • The second part of the record (“_tcp”) is the protocol
  • The small numbers (“10”, “1”) are always the priority and the weight respectively
  • The larger numbers (“443”, “995”, “993”, “587”) are the gate
  • The domain name after the port (“autodiscover-s.mailprotect.be”, …) is the destination
  • The TTL is unimportant and may be set to 3600.


After you have configured the SRV records, the list should look something like this:

Edit RSV record

Updated on 27 March 2020

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