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With our Website builder you create a fantastic website!

  • Your website looks great on all your devices
  • Super handy for beginners and professionals alike
  • So many possibilities to personalise your website
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Build your own website by yourself using templates
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100+ professional themes, fantastic on any device

Do you want to create a website for a dentist, an architect, a musician or an accountant? No matter your goal, everything is possible thanks our 100+ professional templates.

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Add photos and videos to your website

Add photos and videos to your website

Bring your website to life with beautiful images. Add images and videos as background, gallery, slideshow... the possibilities are limitless.

Do you not have professional photos? Use our web builder's free photo database, which is packed with professional photos that you can use for free.

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Edit your photos directly in Website builder

Edit your photos directly in Website builder

Make your photos look perfect by adding filters, effects, text or frames, which are all included in Website builder.
And with the crop and resize tool, you can make sure that every image will fit perfectly into your website.

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Your style, your colors

Your style, your colors

Completely adapt each theme to your corporate identity.
Choose the colours and fonts yourself. Customise how buttons, titles and texts are displayed. This will make your website truly unique.

Website builder, unprecedented possibilities

Multiple languages

Creating a website with multiple languages can be done quickly & easily thanks to the multilingual feature.
Everything can be fully customised in any language. From page to URL. Wonderful!

Start a blog

Having your own blog is the best way to share news and information with your visitors.
Every blog post adapts to the fantastic design of your website.

Contact forms

Create a contact form for your website by yourself. Choose the information you want to request (name, address...) and link the form to tools such as MailChimp, Google Sheets, etc.


Add click-to-call or click-to-email buttons to allow visitors to contact you with a single click.

Restaurant menu

No more hassle with PDFs! With our web builder, you can add your restaurant menu directly to your website. Nice and handy for your customers.


Add Google Maps to your website. This will help your visitors find their way to your shop or business. You can even add multiple locations (e.g. if you have multiple outlets).

Centralisation of your company details

Social media, telephone numbers, (e-mail) addresses... You can manage them all from one place in Website builder. Super easy.

Traffic statistics

Get to know your visitors thanks to the statistics integrated in Website builder or use a tool such as Google Analytics.

Cookie notification

No more hassle with external scripts and other tools! Enable your cookie notification directly in Website builder.

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Rank higher in Google thanks to Website builder

Website builder comes with all the tools you need to optimise your ranking on Google. This way, you can make sure that more people will find your website.

SEO tools

For each page, you can add page titles, image tags and meta descriptions so that web crawlers know what your website is about.
Create 301 redirects or add pages to the robots.txt file.

You can customise each URL

Customise the URLs of your pages with keywords so that visitors and web crawlers know what the page is about.

Automatic sitemap

Thanks to the sitemap, web crawlers know which pages are available on your website. Website builder creates the sitemap automatically.

Perfect for Google PageSpeed

Fast websites rank higher in Google. That is why Website builder provides automatic page speed optimisation. This way, you can have a fast website that ranks higher in Google.

Personalise your website by adding dynamic content to it

Personalise your website with dynamic content

Add some dynamism to your website using personalised actions without having to write a single line of code.
Start by choosing a "trigger", and then specify what must happen by means of the "actions".
Here are a few examples:

  • Show your back-to-school deal only on 1 September
  • On your closing day, immediately inform visitors that you are closed.
  • Is someone coming via your newsletter? Show him/her a unique special offer.

Developer mode

Website builder's Developer Mode provides developers with a convenient environment, where they can make changes directly to the code. Change your HTML code and your CSS to build something unique.

Appointment scheduling & reservations

Add OpenTable or vCita to your website so that visitors can make an appointment with you or reserve a table in your restaurant via the Internet.

Backups and restore

Did something go wrong when updating your website? Thanks to the automatic backups in Website builder, going back to a previous version is child's play.
Select a backup and restore that previous version with a single click.

Do you have any further questions about Website builder?

Absolutely! Our web builder is designed to make your life easier. Our customers are all very excited about how easy it is to use.
One of them told us: "It works like a word processor". And that is true! If you are capable of working with Word, a user-friendly program such as Website builder should not be an issue at all. Thanks to the drag and drop editor, you will be able to create a beautiful website without having to write a single line of code yourself.

Yes! All the themes available in Website builder automatically adapt to the device you are using to surf the Internet. This means you only have to create one website that will look fantastic on any device.

Website builder is a complete package that includes the web builder software, hosting and a mailbox. The domain name is free of charge for the first year. In the following years, it will be charged separately.

Do not worry! As a Register customer, you can rely on our support team. Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will gladly help you.

With Website builder, you get a package that allows you to build a website yourself without any technical knowledge. It is a user-friendly package that includes everything you need, including hosting to keep your website online.

As for Web hosting, it is a product designed for people who are able to create their own websites (using WordPress, for example). You have much more web space at your disposal, and you are free to do whatever you want with your website. The only drawback is that you have to write the code for your website yourself.
And that is precisely where Website builder's strength lies. Because with this solution, you do not have to write a single line of code to create a beautiful website.

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