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Basic Mailboxes

Standard mailbox with all the basic features: synchronisation, antivirus software and spam filter.

POP3 or IMAP - What is the difference?

Why a Basic Mailbox?

  • Create e-mail addresses with your domain:
    Get rid of free e-mail addresses (Hotmail, Telenet, etc.) and make a professional impression.
  • A plain mailbox:
    You get all the basic features, but no extra features like task lists, agendas, etc.

Exchange Mailboxes

A mailbox tailored to the needs of companies with extra services such as agendas ( sharing ), task lists, booking meeting rooms, etc.

Exchange and direct push - What is this?

Why an Exchange Mailbox?

  • Professional features:
    Agendas (sharing), booking meeting rooms, managing task lists, etc.
  • Perfect synchronisation on all your devices:
    thanks to Direct Push
  • Even better protected against spam and viruses

POP3, IMAP or Exchange? Read more about the differences below

Why choose e-mail hosting from Register?

Go for our reliable mailboxes with excellent support

Mail servers in advanced first-class data centres

So that your mailbox is always available online

Your e-mail is therefore always available - no problems due to unreachable mail servers or lost e-mails. We take all the necessary precautions to keep your e-mail online at all times.
And thanks to our daily backup, you can rest easy: if you ever lose an important message, you will be able to retrieve it.

Manage your e-mail using your favourite program

And on all your devices

You can work in your own familiar mail environment: Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. Our mailboxes work flawlessly in all these environments.
If you are on the move and do not have your own device at hand, you can check your e-mails in a browser, via our webmail.
If you choose the IMAP mail protocol, your e-mails will always be synchronised across all your devices: an e-mail that you read or delete on your smartphone will also be marked as “read” on your laptop.

Outstanding support

In your own language

Your mailbox and e-mail will be managed with the greatest care.
If something goes wrong despite this, you can count on our experienced helpdesk staff, who will always help you in a timely manner.

Protected against spam and viruses

Malware gets no chance

You can rest easy: we do not give malware a single chance!
You do not have to worry about the risks caused by viruses and malware. And annoying spam messages will not overload your mailbox. Our robust spam filters and antivirus software will keep your mailbox free of viruses and junk mail. This way, you can fully focus on important e-mails.

Renowned brands trust our services

Brussels Airlines
Omega Pharma
Tom Vernest
Tom V.
As usual, impressed by the service provided by Register. Many should follow their example...

What is the difference between POP3, IMAP and Exchange hosting?

Choose the technology that best suits you

What is POP3?

When using the POP3 mail protocol, e-mails are downloaded to your own device(s). However, you can configure POP3 in such a way that it leaves a copy of the e-mail on the server. This way, you can also download this e-mail to another device.

However, there is no synchronisation across devices: an e-mail that you read on device A will appear as unread on device B. If you move an e-mail from your inbox to another folder on one device, it will not be moved on your other devices.
POP3 is therefore less suitable if you want to check your e-mail on different devices. Now that smartphones have become widely used, an increasing number of people are switching to the IMAP protocol.

What is IMAP?

With this mail protocol, your e-mails are stored centrally on the mail server. You can read the e-mails on any device, and even download them to those devices. This way, you can also work offline, and there will always be a copy of the message on the mail server. IMAP also synchronises all your e-mails and folders across all your devices. If you read an e-mail on one device, it will also be marked as “read” on the other devices. If you save an e-mail as a concept on one device, you will also be able to find it in the Concepts folder on your other devices. Our Basic mailboxes are compatible with both POP3 and IMAP.

What is Exchange?

With an Exchange mailbox, which uses Microsoft's Exchange technology, not only are your e-mails synchronised, but so are your agendas, contacts and notes. And since this is essential for your productivity, Exchange is the mail protocol that most professional users like to use.
Direct push
Exchange also adds direct push, so that e-mails can be sent straight to your devices as soon as they arrive. With a Basic mailbox, there is a small delay.

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