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  • Free domain name for the first year
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Space for multiple websites on 1 package
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Premium support included

Included for free with each hosting package

Our various web hosting packages respond to the needs of starters, as well as professional and advanced users. Our servers are hosted in the ”class A” data centre in Brussels, which guarantees the highest level of connectivity to the Internet.


Unlimited e-mail addresses

Free CMS installation

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla,...

Free premium support

In your own language

Uptime guarantee

99,9% uptime guarantee

FTP & Control Panel

Manage your hosting services easily

Free HTTPS security

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

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Tom V.
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Including e-mail addresses and mailboxes

Your own e-mail address

In the control panel, you can create unlimited e-mail addresses with your own domain name. This way, you will finally have a real personal e-mail address.

Link the e-mail addresses to one of the free mailboxes or set up an e-mail forward. If someone sends an e-mail to your chosen e-mail address, the message will be forwarded to the e-mail address of your choice.

Free mailboxes with each hosting package

Your hosting package always includes free mailboxes, ranging from small mailboxes to gigantic mailboxes, depending on the chosen package.

Work using your own e-mail client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird) on a desktop computer or a smartphone, or check your e-mail via the webmail interface. All your e-mails are synchronised across all your devices!

Creating a website without any difficulty

Free installation of a CMS on your web hosting

Register offers you web hosting with a Content Management System, which we install ready to use for you at no extra cost.
The CMS uses a template in which you only have to add your own content.
You can choose from the following popular CMSs:

  • WordPress hosting
    The most popular website platform in the world, from blogs to web stores

  • Drupal hosting
    Reliable and extremely easy to adjust to all your needs

  • Magento web hosting
    Ideal to start your own web store

  • Joomla web hosting
    Fully customisable and yet very user-friendly

Multiple websites on the same hosting

Depending on your hosting package, you can host different websites on your web hosting.

As long as everything stays within the limits of your webspace, it is not necessary to order extra web hosting... a great way to save money, right?

In addition, creating subdomains, such as, is free and completely unlimited!

Free FTP and convenient control panel

Your web hosting grants you the right to access your webspace via the FTP protocol. This way, you can easily transfer your files and always have a clear overview of the structure of your webspace.

The convenient control panel allows you to adjust all the settings of your hosting and webspace, and to check your usage.

Highly secure hosting

Daily backups of your website and databases

Every day, we automatically back up both your databases and the files on your hosting.

Did you change some settings that caused your website to stop working? Not a problem: you can immediately return to the last saved version.

This means you can update everything you want worry-free!

Security: Firewall, DDoS

Hackers never sleep, but so do our firewalls!

Multiple firewalls protect your website and keep hackers away. This protection has been integrated at various levels to ensure that your website continues to work perfectly.

In the event of DDoS attacks, malicious users attempt to flood a website with a huge amount of fake requests so that legitimate traffic can no longer be processed.

As a result, the website becomes unavailable.

DDoS attacks are blocked by filtering corrupt bot traffic via NAWAS. This is how we can prevent your website from going offline.

One less worry for you!

Day and night monitoring

We monitor your web hosting day and night, and constantly check if all systems are up and running.
You can rest easy while our staff is watching!

Free uptime guarantee

We guarantee 99.999% uptime. This means that, if a problem arises, we make sure that your website is back online in no time.

This way, your customers and visitors can always reach you and you do not miss any sale.

This exceptional uptime is guaranteed by the High Availability feature, which is enabled by default for your web hosting.
When the server of your hosting fails, your hosting is automatically migrated to a new server. Your website is then back online within seconds.

This is how we can guarantee you 99.999% uptime.

Guaranteed speed

Speed included!

For your web hosting, traditional (and slow!) hard disks have been replaced by fast SSDs.

And since we use the latest HTTP/2 protocol, your website loads incredibly fast.

This way, you can rest assured that your visitors will not leave your website because they have to wait for your website to load.

Your resources are reserved for you only

The webspace that Register has allocated to you is reserved for you and you alone.

So, other customers will not be able to bother you by suddenly using all the resources of the web hosting server, or compromising the security of your website due to viruses.

Register makes sure websites are evenly distributed across all servers, which means you will not experience problems like those you may encounter with other hosting providers that stuff websites like sardines in a can, drastically reducing the loading speed.

Thanks to Register, your website is always in excellent condition!

Our data centre

Our servers are hosted in a first-class data centre in Brussels, which guarantees the highest level of connectivity to the Internet.

This means we have backup equipment for every component in our infrastructure. Our network is e.g. fully redundant, with every link in the chain backed up by hardware - from the most basic power cable to the connection to the Internet providers.

And even in the event of a complete blackout, your website stays online, because power supply is guaranteed in our data centre. This essential service is something that few providers will be able to guarantee you...

Free extra services provided by Register

Free domain name for the first year

Use your domain name as the address for your website and your e-mail addresses.

The registration of the domain name you ordered with your web hosting is free for one year - whether it is an existing domain name that you transfer to Register, or a new domain name that you register with Register.

This offer is valid for the most popular extensions such as .be, .com, .nl, .eu and .info.

Free premium support

Are you having problems with your website? We will help you free of charge, in your own language.

Our helpdesk is not located at the other end of the world, in a different time zone, which means we can give you help when you need it.

Free SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is the basic prerequisite for offering your visitors a secure HTTPS connection.

An HTTPS connection is not only necessary during the payment procedure, but also for all the information that your visitor sends to your website - and the information that you send to your visitor.

This way, you and your visitor can be sure that those data cannot be intercepted or altered.

In addition, you will rank higher in Google, which favours secure websites.

And your visitor's browser will mark your website as “secure”, which will further increase the level of trust in your website.

Unlimited data traffic

When your promotional campaign is successful and you attract a large number of visitors, we, unlike other companies, will not penalise you for this by sending you an invoice for additional data traffic!

This way, you can enjoy your success without having to worry.

+850 new domain name extensions available


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