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More than 850 different extensions available for registration.

Free extra services with the registration of your domain name

Registering a domain name with free extra services

E-mail addresses included

You can create as many e-mail addresses as you like with your domain name. You can just have the e-mails forwarded to your current e-mail address. Or go for a professional e-mail hosting solution at Register.
No unprofessional address like but your own!

User-friendly Domain Manager

This handy online tool allows you to very easily manage your domain name : you can adjust the DNS settings, the MX and A records, the WHOIS data, forward e-mail to your traditional mailbox, etc.

Unlimited number of subdomains

A subdomain is for example or Create as many subdomains as you need.

Instant activation

As soon as you have paid the registration, we will immediately register the domain name for you. This way, you will stay ahead of your competitors and nobody else will be able to run off with your domain name.

URL forwarding service

Have visitors who enter your domain name automatically forwarded to another web address such as your Facebook page or any other existing website.

E-mail forwarding service

Create unlimited new e-mail addresses based on your domain name, such as or You can easily have the messages sent to all these addresses forwarded to your existing e-mail address. This way, you will receive all the e-mails at one central location. Very handy!

Quick support

Are you having any problems? Please contact us via telephone or e-mail. We will gladly assist you with any questions relating to your domain name.

+850 new domain name extensions available


Tips for a good domain name

It is easy to register a good domain name, but you will have to think about your choice. Follow these tips:

  • Keep it short
    Long names are difficult to remember.

  • Perform a radio advert test
    Can the listener enter your domain name without having to spell out each letter?

  • Buy alternative spellings
    Anticipate incorrect spelling of your domain name (jansen/janssen, welness/wellnes, etc.)

Why would I buy my own domain name?

Your domain name is your own, unique address on the Internet, to be used for your website or as your e-mail address.

Using your domain name for your website:
Connect your domain name to a website. Anyone who enters your domain name will be redirected to this website. This can be a website that you have already created and that you want to host with Register (check out the hosting rates). Or use our Website builder to build a simple yet professional website using handy templates.

Using your domain name for your e-mails :
Create as much e-mail addresses as you want, any combination before the @ is possible, for example or You can have any messages sent to these e-mail addresses forwarded to your existing e-mail address, or link these to a Basic or Exchange E-mail subscription at Register.

How can I buy a domain name ?

Is the domain name available ? Register the domain before someone else does.

Is the domain name no longer available ? Come up with a variant of the domain name or choose a domain extension other than the classic ones such as .BE or .COM.
There is plenty of choice: you have more than a thousand options with the new domain extensions (.APP, .GURU, .SHOP, .BIKE, .PIZZA, .XYZ, etc.).

Tip: Do you already have a domain name and would you like to register this via Register from now on ? No problem, because it is very easy to transfer your domain name. Use the same search module for this and we will do the rest.

Tip: Do you want to register a domain name that is already taken ? Then, you must first reach an agreement with the current owner. Next, order the domain and provide us with the transfer code. After that, the domain will be registered in your name.

Can I choose one of the new domain extensions?

A domain name consists of the actual domain (yourcompany) and the domain extension (.be, .nl, .com, .biz...). A few years ago, more than 800 new domain extensions were created, from which you can now choose.

The new domain extensions create a lot of new opportunities, because if the domain name you want with a .be or .com extension is no longer available, you might find a variant with a new extension. Plus, the new extensions will give an extra dimension to your domain name if you go for a geographical location (.paris, .brussels...), a profession or sector (.law, .tech, .immo...) or a feature (.fun, .guru, .chat...).

We will help you with your choice: we have clearly divided the new domain name extensions into various categories. This way, it will be easier to look for your ideal domain name! You can register almost all new domain extensions with us.

How can I transfer my domain name to Register?

Have you already registered a domain name with another company and would you like to transfer your domain to Register? No problem: this only takes three simple steps.

  1. Contact the company where your domain name is currently registered and ask them to make the domain name available for transfer. You will receive a transfer code.
  2. Go to our website to register the domain. Enter the domain name in the search module and press Check. You will receive a notification that the domain name is already taken. Click on Transfer. Confirm that you are the owner of the domain name.
  3. Enter the transfer code. Register will now transfer the domain name.

How can I transfer my domain name to Register?

How can I renew the registration of my domain name?

The registration of your domain name is valid for a certain period, usually one year. Well before the expiry date, you will receive an e-mail message from us that your domain name will soon expire. You can then decide whether you want to renew the registration of your domain name or not.

If you do not want to renew the domain name, you do not have to do anything – you do not have to terminate the registration, there is no notice period, and you do not have to pay any additional costs. However, the domain name will become available again, which means others will be able to register it.

If you want to renew the registration of your domain name, just pay the invoice upon receipt and you will be able to relax for another year!

Have you paid the invoice too late by mistake? Do not panic! Most extensions have a quarantine period before the domain name is released; during this period, you can still renew your registration.

How can I protect my company name from domain hijackers?

If you have an idea for a project, you must register your company name as soon as possible. This way, you will prevent others from running off with your domain name.

Some people, however, misuse the new domain extensions, and register domain names of brands with such a new extension in order to resell these (for a lot of money) at a later date to the rightful owner. This technique is called cybersquatting.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself from cybersquatting by having your brand name registered in the worldwide database of the TradeMark ClearingHouse (TMCH). This offers many benefits:

  • You get priority with the launch of new extensions and you will be the first person who can register your brand name with this extension
  • You are immediately informed if third parties register a domain name with your brand name.

Register is an accredited TMCH agent and will help you with the procedures to protect your brand name.

How can I buy a domain name from someone else?

If the domain name that you wanted is already taken, you must try to reach an agreement with its current owner so that you can buy the domain name. Follow these steps:

  1. Use the WHOIS tool to search who the current owner of the domain name is. For privacy reasons, certain data are however not shown publicly. This depends on the company where the domain name is registered (the registrar).
    • For example, you will see the name and address with a company, but no mail address.
    • Usually, all data will be hidden with a private person.
  2. Contact the owner and try to come to an agreement.
  3. Once you have reached an agreement, ask the current owner to make the domain available for transfer. He will receive a transfer code, which he must pass on to you.
  4. Follow the procedure as with a normal transfer: click on “Check” at the top of this page. When you receive a notification that the domain name is already taken, please select “transfer”.

Using your domain name for e-mail

Create as many e-mail addresses as you want, with your own domain name!

An e-mail address with your domain name looks much more professional!

No more or

Your company does not look very professional if you use a free e-mail address such as @yahoo or @gmail, or a simple address with your provider (@telenet, @proximus...). Especially when you consider that your own domain name is not that expensive and that you can immediately use your domain name for your e-mails.

  • An e-mail address with your own domain name looks professional.
  • You can create as many e-mail addresses as you want : you can choose any combination before the @.
  • Create separate e-mail addresses for employees and departments within your company.
  • You can keep your e-mail address(es) even if you switch providers!

A Register mailbox with your domain name

If you create e-mail addresses with your domain name, you must decide where this e-mail is sent to, to which mailbox. At Register, you can rent a professional mailbox (Basic mail or Exchange)

  • You choose your subscription based on the necessary size of your mailbox.
  • You can create unlimited aliases.
  • You enjoy automatic backups of your e-mail.
  • Your e-mails are always synchronized on every device (smartphone, tablet, desktop…).
  • You are well protected thanks to our spam filter & antivirus software.

Check out the e-mail possibilities 

Have your e-mail on your domain name forwarded to your own e-mail address

When you create e-mail addresses with your domain name, you must also decide to which mailbox the e-mails must be sent.

Do you prefer to have all your e-mails forwarded to your existing e-mail address? No problem! With our free e-mail forwarding options, all e-mails are automatically forwarded to the e-mail address you have specified.

Do you find it easier to keep your current mailbox and e-mail address? Have your messages sent to your domain name forwarded to your current e-mail address, free of charge.

This way, you can continue to send and receive your e-mails as you do now, but you will communicate with your customers in a professional way, via your e-mail address with your own domain name.
For example, have all your e-mails sent to forwarded to your current e-mail address

Using your domain name for your website

Link a website to your domain name

Your domain name as web address for your own website

Your website needs a physical location, a server where the files of your website are stored. This server comes with an IP address. Use your domain name (URL) to redirect your visitors to that IP address and therefore to your website.

You have various options:

  • Do you already have your own website that is hosted by Register or any other hosting provider? Register’s handy control panel makes it very easy to link your domain name to the URL of this website.
  • If you have a website and are looking for professional hosting, go for Register hosting and you will not have to pay for your domain name for the first year.

Your domain name as forward to your Facebook page

If you do not have your own website, but have a Facebook page or an Instagram account instead, feel free to use your domain name to redirect your visitors to this page.

  • No complicated address such as – your visitor only has to enter your domain name
  • The control panel allows you to determine whether you redirect the visitor to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social network.

Your domain name as a starting point for your own website

Do you not have your own website yet? Even if you do not have any technical knowledge, you can quickly create your own website with our Website Builder.

  • 100+ unique and professional templates are waiting for you. And you can even adjust these to your own style.
  • The ready-to-go widgets allow you to add text fields, contact forms and picture galleries to your website in no time.
  • You can publish your own website with the click of a button.

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